1.  Brecht (2004)    
3.6 acres/1.45 hectares
A beautiful natural pond which can be seen from Route 104. One of the headwaters of the Pearson stream. Harbouring a wide variety of wildlife.

2.  Colby (H. Ernest & C. Louise Williams)  (2003)  
4.4 acres/1.8 hectares

A flood-plain located in Knowlton between Victoria Street and the Coldbrook stream. Wet for much of the year, the property provides a home for wild flowers, birds and animals such as fox and deer.

3.  Deborah Stairs(2000)    
27.7 acres/11.23 hectares

In the Barnsfield subdivision, this property consists of a pond and wetlands with a beaver lodge, fish, amphibians and water birds; plus stands of trees typical of both this area and the north country.

4.  Fisher Woods (1996)      
80 acres/32.4 hectares

A beautiful stand of young and old hardwood and hemlock. Contains walking/ski trails and provides a home to a wide variety of birds and mammals. Open to the public — no motorized vehicles.

5.  Frances MacKeen (1996)      
6 acres/2.43 hectares

This highly-visible property in Knowlton at the far end of Mill Pond provides a needed "escape" for nesting and migratory waterfowl and a great view from Coldbrook Park.

6.  Hank Rotherham (1992)        
105 acres/42.5 hectares

Located on the north-west side of the lake, a large peat bog consisting mainly of beaver ponds and marshes which form the headwaters of the river leading to Fessenden Falls. Access permitted when accompanied by BLLF guide.

7.  Quilliams-Durrull (1987)            
200 acres/80.83 hectares

Spectacular wetland bordering the Quilliams and Durrull streams. Home to many aquatic birds and animals including snapping turtles. Accessible by canoe only — no motors. 

8.  Annemarie Zeiss-Kunerth (1998)    
58 acres/23.44 hectares

On the south side of the same bog as #6. With this acquisition the Foundation now owns about 60 per cent of this important wetland.

9.  Barbara Burrowes Buchanan (2006)  
18.5 acres/7.48 hectares

A woodland property in West Bolton that includes Red pine, Hemlock, a small meadow and hardwoods.